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Axel Nordgren(1828-1888)
Mora kyrka, olja, 1850-talet
Mora Church
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The Society Genealogists of Ovansiljan is a local non profit organization of genealogists from the counties of Mora, Orsa and Älvdalen, called District of Ovansiljan.

Our aim is to increase the common interest of genealogy and local history, to induce people to track their roots and become aware of their own forefathers importance for the development of our present society.

By several annual open meetings and workshops, and public exhibitions, we bring interested genealogists closer to each other as well as to different experts and lecturers. In this manner members get together to compare notes and papers, and will often find mutual ancestors. Beginners who join our society are taken cared of in various study groups, where they learn how to research and get around in parish records as well as other historical sources.

A great part of Mora County’s genealogical material, such as microficheprojectors, microfilms, magazines, books and registers in the local public library and the county archive is our property. By letting it to the public free of charge, we support the
possibility for everyone to take part of our common work.

A great assignment is to publish our local periodical club magazine Genklang, which is distributed to all our members twice a year.

As investigators of ancient history and vanished societies, we follow the development of time. Many genealogist soon become computerized, as modern data technology gives us extraordinary possibilities to handle and store great quantities of information. Therefor we also organize annual workshops and study groups for PC-users, specialized on genealogy.

If you are interested of the life and history of your Swedish ancestors from Ovansiljan, join our society. On one hand you will get a lot of good friends, who may be related to you, on the other hand you will get a lot of valuable help, from local experts, with local knowledge and with a local typical touch of Dalarna.


The membership fee for residents in the U.S. and other foreign countries is
USD 30/yr./person
and can be sent by cheque to the following address:

Lillot Mårtensson
Stenuddsvägen 7 B,
SE-792 34 , Mora

Or send a

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